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Principal Investment
Principal Investment The firm focuses on various growth sectors in the African economy and has consistently identified and invested capital in transactions sourced from a strong proprietary network and relationships.

We have a diverse team of chartered accountants and chartered financial analysts, who provide specialized financial advisory services to our investors.

We help you maintain your wealth, build for the future and provide income for the success of your business.

Business Advisory
In a constantly changing business terrain, we provide strategic direction to our group of companies and work hard to ensure our joint long term vision remains aligned. We are constantly evolving and exploring new business opportunities in the Energy, Real Estate, Infrastructure, Telecoms and Financial sectors.

At OOH, we bring a unique local knowledge and understanding of the West African market coupled with an inherent ability to identify and capitalize on emerging business opportunities in our target markets, to deliver world class services to our clients.

Human Capital Management
Our market leadership strategy is built on a commitment to our company values, people, knowledge and respect for innovation. We derive satisfaction from equipping our clients with the right mix of people; searching for the most talented of individuals. With a hiring and interview process that matches each organization's culture with the candidate's personality, we are driven by recruiting philosophies.
Professional Excellence
We are committed to performing our work on a platform of professional excellence, ethics and an unwavering partnership with our clients